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Women's Day

    In Russia this is a day that is solely devoted to Women. It is held on March 8.

    It is for all women. Men and boys give women presents or give them flowers.

    There are prepared presents for women or delivered concerts everywhere. As a rule women can go home early this day. Presents are all around this day. Maybe it is a free ticket for the cinema or theatre, maybe it is a concert, sometimes it is a lottery.

    There are parties in every home and in every office etc. Everybody likes the day.

    It's an official holiday. On this day men give women gifts, usually flowers. Men are supposed to do all the housework, this is pretty nice - at least once a year women can have some rest and forget about dishes, cooking, kids, take a magazine and relax on the coach.

    Women's Day was established after the Second International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen in 1910, women receive gifts and usually do not have to work.

    This Day is similar to Mother's Day but is for all women.

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