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Russian Recipes

    1 egg
    1/2 kg pork
    1/2 kg beef
    1 onion
    black pepper
    flour (3 parts)
    water (1 part)

    1. Mix together egg, pork, beef, onion, pepper and salt well. Mix flour, water and salt into a thick dough.

    2. Prepare meat filling. Prepare the dough. Roll the dough thin.

    3. Cut out circles of the dough with the help of a glass or a cup. Put a piece of meat filling into the middle the dough circle. Fold the circle and stick the edges together.

    4. Put them into salted boiling water and cook for 7-10 minutes. They are ready when they lift up on the surface of the water. Lift the cooked pelmenies out from the water, drain, and place on a plate.

    5. Or fry the pelmeny with some oil in a frying-pan.

    6. Put it on the plate, add some sour-cream, pepper, butter, sauce and so on. Put it on a deep plate, add some chicken broth.

    7. For Fried pelmenies: eat with about 100 ml of Russian vodka.

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