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    Like in all Christian countries, Easter Holiday is also celebrated in Russia.

    Special round-shaped sweet bread or Easter cakes are cooked.

    On the Easter's Eve the Easter cakes are on sale in nearly all bakeries.

    Moreover, Pashka a rich mixture of sweetened curds, butter and raisins is also prepared on Easter and eggs are painted in different bright colors.

    The red egg is considered a symbol of Easter. The Easter egg has many specific purposes, it is a traditional Easter present given to friends and relatives as an Easter salutation.

    There is a proverb/saying that once you wash your face in the water with the Easter egg in it, you will always be healthy and beautiful.

    The fire will die, if the Easter egg is thrown into it, etc.

    On Easter people usually visit their relatives. The traditional greeting, translated from Russian, says "Christ is alive", the answer is "Christ is truly alive...".

    The Easter service begins late on the eve of Easter and continues through the night. At midnight the congregation, carrying lit candles, follows the priest; this symbolizes the women who came to the tomb of Christ and found it empty. At the doors of the church the priest proclaims, "Christ is risen". The worshippers joyfully reply, "He is reisen indeed" and kiss their neighbors.

    As dawn breaks, the Easter service finishes and the worshippers disperse to their homes to break their long fast with special Easter foods and colored eggs. The Easter cake, called Kulich and the Paschka which is a sweet made of curd cheese, contain ingredients which were forbidden during Lent. Guests, who call continually all day, are offered the cakes.

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